Introducing the new White Menu

Posted on Wednesday, November 12 2014 by Russ Huntington

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy redesigning and rebuilding our tools for creating and managing websites for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes.

Following extensive feedback sessions with existing customers and our peers in the industry, we realised that White Menu would be better if the User Interface was simplified and aimed more towards users that wanted to make small and fast changes to their website. We also wanted to give our customers a stronger sense of ownership of their website, so that they felt more in control and less reliant on the White Menu support channels.

To achieve this, we worked with another design agency to provide a comprehensive analysis and review of the old application, and completely redesign not only the visual graphics but the complete user experience.

Here’s an overview of the changes we’ve made:


In redeveloping the main dashboard, we wanted to provide our customers with a single-screen overview of their White Menu website – including any status alerts, an image of how it looks, and a summary of recent analytics.

The Website Status panel lets you know how close your website is to completion, and if there any actions you need to take to ensure your website is serving your customers as effectively as possible.

The Website Package panel gives you an overview of how much of your White Menu package you have used, and gives upgrade options if applicable. This means that you can plan your content more proactively without hitting any limits.

The Website Preview panel shows how your website looks on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. An ever-increasing amount of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, so it’s important to stay on top of how your website appears to as many potential customers as possible.

The Website Analytics panel shows how many page views your website has had over the past 7 days. It also shows how these views were distributed across desktop and mobile (including tablet) devices. You can also view analytics grouped weekly and monthly.

Website Editor

The Website Editing side of White Menu has been completely rebuilt to provide a much more intuitive way to edit the content of your website. Based on user feedback, we wanted to ensure that you can quickly update a small number of content items as easily as possible.

The Pages section of the Website Editor has been updated to provide a more visually-intuitive way of constructing custom pages. The layout of the screen now better reflects the final layout of the page, and allows you to add and move modules with an easy drag-and-drop action.

The Menu section has also been enhanced to allow you to make changes to your Menus quickly and easily. Moving items is a simple drag-and-drop action, and editing items is in a pop-up dialog box.

The Photo Galleries section has been updated to ensure consistency with the rest of the Website Editor, so you’ll always know exactly what to do whatever area of your website you want to update.

Theme Editor

The Theme Editor has also been enhanced to provide a more simplistic way of updating the look and feel of your website.

Selection of colours has been reduced as much as possible so that fewer key brand colours need to be selected, without having to specify exactly where they go. The colour selection tools have been extended to support various formats – hex code, RGB channels, or picking the colour direct from a visual palette.

The preview tool has been updated and enhanced to provide a preview of the theme in both desktop and mobile versions, and is now more responsive to changes taking placing within the rest of the Theme Editor.

We are always striving to provide our customers with the best tools to manage their website as easily and efficiently as possible. We welcome any feedback on the new version of White Menu – positive or negative!

If you’d like a new website for your Restaurant, Bar or Café, get in touch!