Common Restaurant Website Mistakes #3 – Background Music

Posted on Thursday, June 26 2014 by Russ Huntington

Continuing our series of common restaurant website mistakes, we discuss background music and why it should not be used.

At first glance, this one might seem like a bold statement. What could be wrong with a little background music while your customers are perusing your menu and photos of your restaurant? Ambience is great, and background music in a restaurant is essential.

But imagine you’re the customer – you might be sat at your desk at work or in the library, and you quickly look at a website for a local restaurant that suddenly starts blaring out background music. You’re going to close that browser window pretty quick! In this scenario, it’s no different to those annoying popup adverts for cars that start talking to you from a browser window you can’t immediately find.

So what are the issues with background music, and why should a restaurant owner care? Here are the four main problems:

  1. File Size - An increasing percentage of your potential customers are now visiting your website from mobile devices. This, in many cases, can mean restrictions on the amount of data they can download. If the background music file on your website is large, you’re using up an unnecessary amount of the user’s data allowance. Some might say that if it’s not something they want to listen to, it’s completely unnecessary – regardless of file size.
  2. Looping - Unless you have a long piece of background music (which would also increase your file size, you’re going to be playing the same piece of music on loop over and over again. Not a great experience for the listener – you don’t want your customers to feel like they’re on hold or stuck in a lift!
  3. Location - As previously discussed, if your customer looks at your website while in a quiet location, as soon as the music starts they will close the window. That’s a missed opportunity for your business!
  4. Legal responsibilities - very occasionally, a website owner might upload a piece of music from their personal collection. Unfortunately, this breaches copyright laws and leaves them liable to legal action. Either paying for the rights to music or settling legal issues can be a big expense, and almost certainly without a worthwhile return on investment!

The last thing you want when a visitor comes to your website is do anything that scares them away or annoys them. Keep the ambience to your restaurant itself and allow your potential customers to focus on finding the relevant information about you in the first place.

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