An overview of weekly restaurant website traffic

Posted on Wednesday, February 3 2016 by Russ Huntington

In this blog post, I’m going to illustrate how an average restaurant’s website traffic is distributed across a typical week.

To help make the data easier to understand, I’ve averaged the data for all of the restaurant websites on our system, grouped it by hour, and normalised that figure to each individual day. So, for example, we can see from this data that 8% of Monday’s traffic comes between 6pm and 7pm. All of this means that we can see overall patterns without being clouded by fluctuations in traffic throughout the year.

The chart below shows the overall trend of a typical week from our data. You can click on the image to view a larger version.

An overview of weekly restaurant website traffic

In summary, we can draw the following conclusions:

As a restaurant owner, these conclusions can help you be more strategic about managing your website content and anticipating contact from customers. You can also utilise the busy timeslots to be active on your social media channels, because that’s when potential customers are actively seeking out restaurants and bars.

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